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Thursday, May 26, 2005

On feeling angry

I cannot blame myself if right now I feel so angry.
What would anybody feel when:

1. Your brother in law empties the gas tank when you have left it with one fourth full.
2. The same person used your e-pass without telling you resulting to my payment of farthest toll fee when in fact I just came from Alabang going to Southwoods.
3. The same person asks for your cellphone because he needs to text somebody when actually he has 2 cellphones (not prepaid!!!) that he can use.
4. The same person seemingly irritating you daughter and now as if it's all my daughter's fault why she feels hatred towards him.
5. The same person accounts (in my face) what he has given me which in fact are just free samples from his company.
6. Your mother in law compares you to somebody (in a subtle manner but still.... I'm not stupid), most especially that person has a bad record in the family.
7. The same person did not ask for your opinion but instead make a decision based on what she thinks is right.
8. The same person who never want to stop talking even when I feel I need silence.
9. Your father in law thinks he is the most intelligent person. Nobody can correct him because he is always right.
10. You were not invited to a mother's day celebration by those people you lived with.
11. You feel extremely humid in your bedroom while the rest of the family are comfotably sleeping in an airconditioned room while in fact you have your own aircon unit in your own room in Laguna (nobody dared to offer) .
12. You always choose to follow what your inlaws are saying since they think they know better.
13. The yaya that I was supposed to get was given to another person while in fact I paid for her fare.
14. An ex officemate borrowed money from you 2 years ago and now I am the bad person for demading the payment.

I hope I am just depressed that is why I feel angry. But looking through these list ..... I know I have valid reason to be angry. I have resolutions on these things. I hope it is the right thing to do.


  • At 11:04 AM, Anonymous shella said…

    hi ria! i would like to sympathize but i guess i'm not in a position yet. but you still have patience.. if that happens to me, i don't think i can still live with those people. did u get me response on your email. hope to talk to u soon! miss u:) take care!


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