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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Cool and Clean

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==> I am a self confessed C2 addict.
==> A day is not a day without it.
==> I even sell C2 in the office.
==> My Favorite is apple & Lemon.
==> Green tea is its main ingredient.
==> It is manufactured by URC.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Question for the day

A question just pop into my mind.....Am I ready to be a homemaker? Am I willing to give up my career to be become a housewife? I thought it over.....the answer is YES...if I have to, just to be with my family.....But how long will I be able to hold on to that new role? .....I do not know....I am preparing myself in the future by conditioning myself....Maybe it will happen .....maybe not.....But at least I gave it a shot.... =)

Thursday, May 26, 2005

On feeling angry

I cannot blame myself if right now I feel so angry.
What would anybody feel when:

1. Your brother in law empties the gas tank when you have left it with one fourth full.
2. The same person used your e-pass without telling you resulting to my payment of farthest toll fee when in fact I just came from Alabang going to Southwoods.
3. The same person asks for your cellphone because he needs to text somebody when actually he has 2 cellphones (not prepaid!!!) that he can use.
4. The same person seemingly irritating you daughter and now as if it's all my daughter's fault why she feels hatred towards him.
5. The same person accounts (in my face) what he has given me which in fact are just free samples from his company.
6. Your mother in law compares you to somebody (in a subtle manner but still.... I'm not stupid), most especially that person has a bad record in the family.
7. The same person did not ask for your opinion but instead make a decision based on what she thinks is right.
8. The same person who never want to stop talking even when I feel I need silence.
9. Your father in law thinks he is the most intelligent person. Nobody can correct him because he is always right.
10. You were not invited to a mother's day celebration by those people you lived with.
11. You feel extremely humid in your bedroom while the rest of the family are comfotably sleeping in an airconditioned room while in fact you have your own aircon unit in your own room in Laguna (nobody dared to offer) .
12. You always choose to follow what your inlaws are saying since they think they know better.
13. The yaya that I was supposed to get was given to another person while in fact I paid for her fare.
14. An ex officemate borrowed money from you 2 years ago and now I am the bad person for demading the payment.

I hope I am just depressed that is why I feel angry. But looking through these list ..... I know I have valid reason to be angry. I have resolutions on these things. I hope it is the right thing to do.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

This day

Today I cried the first time when Joel left for Singapore. Today, Zabe witnessed how lonely I can be. I thought I am strong enough to face these challeges. I am wrong. Although I still face life as positive as possible, but I know the verge might be near. I know that time will come I will achieve whatever it is that I wanted.

This day is a different day because I heard the most comforting words I can hear from a child, from my own daughter. The moment she saw me crying she told me these words:

"Mom why are you crying?"
"Tomorrow when you wake up do not cry anymore huh?"
"Mommy it's ok to cry, it's ok"

Then she hugged me. Now I feel better. Now I can face life with a reason.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Project Badminton

It's a little frustrating for me, for all of us, because we did not make it to the semis! Yearly, we hold a badminton tournament for our project. This tourney is different from last year because it is a one day tourney only. As far as I know we practice at least once a week to improve our skills. Yet for this small event, I felt we didn't play the way we used to when we practice. Hmmmm.... what's the matter then? As for me, I was really nervous I feel I don't have enough confidence to play. Anyway, there's always next time right??

Monday, May 09, 2005


Today I finished watching NIP/TUCK series! It's one heck of a series! It's full of drama, deceit, lies, temptation, sex, love, .... you know my kind of storyline =) I don't want to go into details because I might preempt those who would like to watch it. I am looking forward watching season two! I just can't wait!!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Five in a row

Today is our 5th year wedding anniversary! Yey! I received a bouquet of flowers delivered to my office. This is the second time I got flowers from Joel ever since we've been together. The first time he gave me flowers was when I forced him to give me one hahahahahaha. Yes, "forced" is the right term. I am not a fanatic of flowers. I don't know why. Maybe because I have more male hormones than female ones? Joel knew I won't appreciate flowers so he doesn't make an effort to send me one. But still having those female hormones, I still long to feel special by receiving flowers. What actually made my day was the poem I received from him that made me cry. Here it is....

Why do i love u?

I love you because everything that I have now I owe to you
I owe you my flourishing career
I owe you my confidence
I owe you my being physically fit
I owe you our little bundle of joy, Zabe

I love you for the way you are
I love your flaws
I love your habits
I love being addicted to you
I just love loving you!
But most of all, I love you because you loved me when I had nothing and because you still love me even with my flaws....

I promised to love you forever.... I still do....