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Friday, December 31, 2004

New Year @ Clark Quay

New Year in Singapore is quite silent in lieu of Tsunami event. But still Sinagporeans find ways to celebrate New Year. As for us we went to Clark Quay for the Mardi Gras party! It was fun!

We ate at Hooters. Yes! Hooters! Take note with my very engrossed kiddo, Zabe mwehehehehe. Camcorders are not even allowed inside but I have to be resourceful. I couldn't miss the birthday celebration of one of the peeps there. So I took some pics!

Image hosted by

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everybody! Had a great time today! I've met Sesame Street characters! I felt the child in me =) Image hosted by

Friday, December 24, 2004

The three of us @ Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is not any other Christmas to me. Today is special. I arrived in Singapore to spend the holidays as a family. We went to Joel's company Christmas party, meeting his very diverse officemates. It's a little odd why a company would hold a party on a Christmas Eve. Maybe because we have different culture? I imagine myself attending a party on a Christmas eve here in the Philippines, my mom might curse my company I guess. After the party we went to Orchard road where I think half of Singaporeans are celebrating Christmas! So, I thought of them as "not normal" =). I mean during Christmas Eve , Filipino families gather together, have noche buena and exchange gifts. We were there to see the giants Christmas Trees on the sidewalk and the marvelous decorations of Orchard road, but Orchard is more than that. Events are from one place to another, there are choirs singing on the streets, tiangge, Singaporeans selling snow spray (which by the way is really annoying), Santa Claus picture taking etc. I am dead tired when we got home but still we had a simple noche buena. We had ham which I carefully packed in my luggage, carbonara which is bottled by the way and bread from a store across the street! We exchange gifts and were very happy with what we received. I gave Joel a watch which counts the blood pressure, He gave me a belt bag and Zabe the most appreciative of all received a cookie monster stuff toy. We slept past 1pm looking forward for a fun day tomorrow =)

Some pics to remember .......

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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Ang sarap magshopping!

Ang sarap magshopping! I had a grand time going from one store to another. Buti na lng may malapit na mall sa Mercure hotel where we are staying. But when I got home, it saddened me when I thought of how much I have spent. I am a little worried about it. I'm like that kasi whenever I feel I overspent, hindi ako mapakali. When I told my hubby about it, he told me he'd that he'll be the one to pay for most of the things I spent! Imagine that!! Buti na lng =) *Wink* *Wink*