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Monday, October 25, 2004

I Do Believe In Fairies

From a whole day's work, finally I'm home. My daughter embraced me when I arrived home as what she always do. I changed my office clothes to house clothes. Zabe keeps on talking to me about anything her vocabulary can utter. Although she has limited words to say, I love talking to her. Whenever there is a new word that I say she easily picks it up and use that word in our other conversations. Whatever that word is, she tries to use that word even if her sentece does not fit well. We lie on the bed and she told me she watched Barney. Well, she doesn't have to say
that because I know that Barney is a daily guest in our house. I don't remember her not watching Barney for a day eventhough she has watched the episode for the nth time. Then I utter the words....."I do believe in fairies". It was a little fresh from my memory since we viewed it in the office during our lunch hours. Zabe gave me a blank face not knowing was to say. So I told her that I watched Peter Pan. That he is a Boy who has a friend named Tinkerbell and that she is a fairy. I told her that a fairy is a little being with wings and magical powers. From the look on her face, I know she did not understand a single thing that I've said. Nonetheless, i continue uttering, "I do believe in fairies. I do! I do!". Both of us keep on chanting those phrases and I feel so magical at that moment. I realized that it was my first time to know the story of Peter Pan and Wendy! It was the first time I entered a world of Neverland where all things are adventure. Happy thoughts can lift you and make you fly as high as you want to. It is a place where one will never grow old and enjoy innocence all the days of their lives. And thus Peter will always be a boy who never wants to be a man.

I want to be Peter. I like my daughter to be Peter forever where everything is simple and where problems has never been a great deal. I know it can never happen. I can make believe but reality will soon set in. So, I just enjoy every single and simple day that passes by with her. She may become a wendy someday but i enjoy her being a Peter today.

Friday, October 22, 2004

The Wayans Brothers

My officemates and I watched Hot Chicks starring the Wayans brothers themselves, Mario and Shawn. I never thought this movie could that be hilarious. I was never a fan of the Wayans. I have watched Scary Movie series and I didn't consider it a funny movie at all, not even close to 'There's Something About Mary' (which by the way is one of the funniest movie of all time). But, the movie had changed my mind because it made me laugh at the top of my lungs. Yes, literally, at the top of my lungs!!! There was actually one scene where I kept on laughing I didn't notice I was the only one gigling. I even heard the people at the back whimpering over my highly exagerrated laugh. It's okay, as long as I'm having fun, I didn't bother them though. This is a movie where my hundred bucks is worth the viewing. I am recommending it to all who are planning to watch it.

Here's a link to the movie I loved for this month :) Check it out .....

Basta Masaya Ito

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Ang Nawawala

I call this day the 'El Bimbo Encounter'. I met up with a friend who I haven't seen forever. I thought it will be awkward seeing someone I haven't talked with for such a long time. But It wasn't. Although there were several times I thought about him, how he is doing and what has become of him. Until one day, Ayet ( my friend from the States) found where Bimbo is! Ayet's friend (RG which happed to be my ex hahahahaha) told her that his friend's officemate is named Bimbo(ang connect!). So, I called him up and I feel great finding him! We stipulated to meet up. As I see him waiting for me, I didn't recognized him at first because he had gained a little weight, wearing braces and 'kusot mayaman' type of barong. But when I saw that boyish smile again I said to myself this is him, this is my friend. We had dinner and had coffee after. It feels that there is so little time when we have at least 7 years of absence with each other. I missed him a lot most especially his stories about heartaches and pains. You see when we were a little younger we used to talk over the phone about anything and everything. He usually tells me about his encounters with the girls and their stories. Maybe he doesn't know this but he keeps my life balanced during that time. I said so because I had been living in a platonic world. I even told him that my problem was that I do not have a problem. Isn't it a big deal! For me that time, it is. Not that my life was perfect but maybe I do not let small things get into me. And so while talking to him, I can feel that my life is having a balance again....because of his stories.....See you again friend!

Monday, October 04, 2004

been missin the bun

Last night, while riding on my everyday shuttle going home, my mind was full of all the things that happened for the day. It flashed back to me like a an ongoing movie in a theatre. Then unexpectedly, I thought of choriburger from Bun on the run (just like the ads when we watch series on the TV). I miss it dearly. When was the last time I ate that juicy, tender and delectable burger? As far as I remember, it was six years ago at Festival mall. There was a kiosk located near the X-site area but it did'nt last long. What happened? Oooooh how I miss it. It's the burger with a scooped cheese and butter(i think) and while eating it all the drippings are all over your pants! :) The first time I ate it was in greenbelt. There's a kiosk near the cinema area. BUn on the run not only sells choriburger but hotdogs and other kinds of burgers as well. Their sweet goodies are also a must try. Lemon squares, brownies, Choco squares, and Crinkles. They have a lot of customers as far as I remember. I still wonder what happened to them. I hope I can have a bite of those choriburger again. I can't wait.....Why do I crave for this? hmmmmm..... maybe another PMS sign.......:)

Play The Waves

I went to La Union, a surfing spot at the northern part of Luzon and a six hours travel from Manila, with my friends not to surf but to watch them surf. I joined them because I'd like to experience watching surfers use those long and colorful boards as they glide through the waves, just like what I see in the television. Also, I would like to be the camera girl taking every surfing moment that they will have. At the same time, I would like to spend time with my best friends most especially Karen who I know we may not see for a long time since she has decided to migrate to the US sometime next year. I know that going surfing is part of her To Dos list and I don't want to miss this chance being with her and Ainna. As expected we had a great time. It became our chance to relax and at the same time just be together and do nothing. Yes, we like doing that==> do NOTHING. Anyway, I heard one of the locals told Ainna if they are going to play? So I asked, play what? Play the board? Play on the water? Then she told me to Play the Waves. Yeah you really play with the waves when you surf, that's why it has been an entertaining thing to surfer fanatics. Now I know the connection. Next time I wish I can have the courage to play the waves. As of now, I'm not ready yet. Maybe if I can be brave enough to conquer my fear of drowning :)

So,here are our pics, some captured momentos from our La Union Trip.

The local surfers of La UnionMe, Ainna & Karen feeling the long boardsThis is how big the waves can be in the afternoon!
One of my fave pic. It's like an edited pic of ErwinConrad the swimmer. He was never threatened by a big wave!This guy is going to take the dip!
Playing frisbee! I lost 1,000,000 calories! I never thought this game could be exhaustingSo what now, are we ready to drown or not? hehehehe :)No waves yet? Let's wait for it!
Here's the award winning stunt of Jong mwehehehe Let's get it started!So while waiting for the surfers, we played with the cam!